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Do you know what Zaching is? If you don't, check out this cover story done by ESPN! This blog is dedicated to all the cancer patients and survivors around the world... Send all your Zaching pictures to |
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University of Notre Dame St. Baldrick’s: The Bald and the Beautiful

Hey everyone,

If you remember my post from a couple days ago, I participated in “The Bald and the Beautiful” for Zach and Keeley. I just wanted to thank all of you who made contributions to support me and I wanted to share some pictures from the event! As I was participating, I met so many wonderful people like Jill and Jenn, Mike Oliver ,and Mr. Gerald Marx who gave me the opportunity to spread the word on Zaching.

Over 80 students who live in Duncan Hall, a dorm here at ND, all showed up together to shave their heads in dedication to Sam Marx, their dormmate who passed away from cancer. Thanks to Mike, who invited me to talk, I got to share the story behind Zaching and we even got a group picture together. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten bigger goosebumps than from talking to 80 students that shaved their heads for their friend. It was truly inspiring… For those of you from Duncan who may be reading this, here is the link to the ESPN story on Zaching!

On that note, thanks again for all your support! It’s still not too late to donate to my bike ride across the country this summer!


Oh and mom…if you are reading this post, I am sorry I didn’t tell you…but I don’t have any hair on my head right now…oops