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Do you know what Zaching is? If you don't, check out this cover story done by ESPN! This blog is dedicated to all the cancer patients and survivors around the world... Send all your Zaching pictures to |
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The Inspiration.

The inspiration behind this blog is from something incredible that I have seen the past few days. Something so incredible that I wanted to share it with people outside the Centennial community hoping that it may inspire others too. We all know cancer doesn’t discriminate. It is so brutal that even a survivor, who already fought and won the battle, is vulnerable of being affected by it again. Recently, my friend Zach found out that he had a brain tumor once again. Ever since he won his first battle against cancer in middle school, everyone believed everything would be okay. No one had expected that Zach would have to go through another battle.

The strong, resilient person he is, Zach didn’t even show a hint of worries. Knowing Zach, I know he didn’t want us to worry about him because he knew better than anyone else that he was going to win this battle. Just like last time. Zach: 1 Cancer: 0.

And to no surprise, Zach won again this time. His surgery was really successful. Within 3 days of getting out of the hospital, he made his way back to the Comcast Center to fulfill his job as the manager of the University of Maryland basketball team. Because he is so passionate about everything he does, he couldn’t let the team down. He went back to College Park as soon as he could even though only about 72 hours ago, he was going through a major brain surgery.

"@ZLeds: Keeping the hat on during the UMD game just so my head doesn’t scare all the little kids. " 1/28/12

As he was still in the hospital after the surgery, Zach posted a picture of him “Zaching” with his two arms up like Popeye to show that he is still strong Scoreboard? Zach:2 Cancer:0  And he asked to show support by posting our own pictures of us Zaching. The response has been indescribable. Zach’s facebook wall and twitter is filled with everyone Zaching to show that everyone is here for him. When I saw this, I was inspired to take this as an opportunity to raise greater awareness for cancer and support those who are affected by it. I hope that with your pictures of “Zaching,” we can not only show Zach our support but also everyone out there who are affected by cancer.

Know anyone suffering from cancer? Show your support by sending your Zaching pictures to !


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Special shout out to Allie Markowski for donating to 4K for Cancer in dedication to Zach. Thank you.

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